Thursday, April 20, 2017

A fabulous black layout with Starlight paints

Now, I'm not a person who is drawn to black. Doing this layout went so against my grain, but I love how it turned out! Once in a while it's so good to do something creative that is outside our comfort range.

Will you join me to make one of your own? We'll use heaps of small embellishments and texture, paint the lot black (yikes) and then add Starlight paints to highlight all this loveliness in metallic shiny colours.

I used light blue, dark blue and purple, but you get to choose your own colours, whatever suits your photo. I will bring my stash of Starlight paints, but if you already own some colours, bring them along. Please mark your own jar(s), so we know whose it is.

And don't forget that Toni's shop is the one and only place in Brisbane where you can buy them! Maybe your perfect colour is sitting on the shelf.

It's best to pick a 4x6" photo with not too many clashing colours (black and white will look great too) You will also need an apron and a brush or two with stiff bristles (something that can handle a bit of abuse and rough painting). If you have any small embellishments you'd like to incorporate, then bring them, but remember they will be painted!

Class times will be as usual:
Monday 9:30am
Tuesday 10am & 6pm
Cost is $25, which includes everything you need to create your own master piece.

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