Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Evie" - chunky embossing

Leaving this much empty space is a little hard for me (I like to fill in everything) but I am really happy with this layout:

I found a wonderful tutorial here, showing how to do some wonderful chunky embossing and we will try this in class next week! 

The photo is cut and raised, which lets us tug the embellishments under and over.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy birthday using super busy, multi-coloured paper

When you look through your paper stash, do you have papers that have such busy patterns or are so brightly coloured that they drown out everything around them? Hence, they're still there in your stash, unused and forgotten? Well, here is your chance to put them to use! 

 We are going to mask, paint and mist them! That way you still get to enjoy the original colours without the huge impact.

Here you can see some of the original multi-coloured spotty paper peeping through:

 My cute little nephew, he is adorable. And who wouldn't be on their 4th birthday! 

So how about you dig out your birthday photos and join me for class next week and you'll even get a cute little wooden arrow! You can put any number from 1-99,999 on the flags (my apologies to the 100,000 year olds!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Smile for the camera

If you have a lot of scraps, this is the perfect layout for you! It's next week's class:

This can suit boys, girls and anyone from age 0-100. 

The diagonal look was inspired by a layout called "Cutest Barista" by Jessy Christopher.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cool - scrapping a teen boy...with purple?!

Yes, you can so totally scrap a teen boy with purple! Team it with black, grey and blue and you might just escape the teen's outrage.

We are making this page in class next week (and you don't have to use purple). In fact, we're creating the whole background with lots of layered stamping and masking in different colours.

The perfect chance to scrap the boy or man in your life! 
Take a look: