Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Long time friends

When I can't think of any ideas, I like to find a sketch is a perfect springboard. This time I was inspired by this sketch on Let's capture our memories:

This is how mine turned out:

I always start out following the sketch quite closely, but when it comes to the embellishments, they end up wherever I feel like it. 

 I added some folded flowers and a pocket watch. 

These 2 lovely ladies, Anna and Ann-Maree, have been my friends for 10 years and we have shared many good times togther. Time to celebrate our friendship with a layout!



Did you know that striped paper can be made into a great looking star? This is also a great way to use up those cute barcode strips you've been keeping (don't pretend you're not!) I will post some steps soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bloom where you are planted - chalkboard style kit class

 I instantly loved this chalkboard-inspired paper by Prima (see the Optimist collection here). 

If you love it too, come along to my class and do it as a kit! We are adding some masking and make lots of flowers*)... 

...and a shimmery humming bird:

This suits 2 mini portrait photos (3x4") or 1 landscape 4x6". Choose a photo that has light/fuschia pink, turquoise or mustard seed yellow in it or convert it to black and white!

*) The red fabric flower will be part of your kit, but if red doesn't suit, you can choose a different one)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good night, sleep tight

It's been awhile since my kids were that little, but isn't it sweet to look back and remember?
 Do you have a photo of your sleepy faced child, or maybe one from a night out or camping under the stars? This doesn't have to be a baby's page.
We will do this in class next week, complete with a vellum moon and lots of subtle sparkle and shine. We will also make the sweet rolled satin flower.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Full of colour

Australian spring is here and it's time to celebrate with some glorious colour!
 In class next week we are making this happy layout, starting with punching this background, layered against some gold paper:

 And we will decorate with some pretty resin shapes and lots and lots of rosettes. 
Hope you can join me! Class times are:
Tuesdays 10am
Thursdays 6pm
Fridays 9:30am