Friday, December 23, 2016

Graduation - a sparkly fairy layout

To all my friends and scrapping buddies - Merry Christmas! I have enjoyed this past year with you all and I'm thankful for your friendship. Listening to each other, sharing what's happening in our lives and having the occasional whinge - you have been my besties all year! I hope every one has a wonderful Christmas. May the new year bring you happiness, health and love.

We are taking a well deserved break from classes for 2 weeks and will be back with a bang on January 9 and 10. I am super organised and have the first class ready. It's a pretty one, full of fairies, sparkles, flowers and a large velvet leave.

 The paper is again from Fab Scraps and as you know, the quality is just divine. 

I will also show an easy way to colour your metal filigrees with mica powders for a dreamy, soft colour wash.

We are again using the frame maker, but this time we will make covered ones. I have used 2 mini photos (3x4"), but you could use a landscape 4x6" instead, if minis don't suit you.

So, if you are free in January, book in and enjoy making something pretty with a group of friendly ladies.
Class times remain as usual:
Monday 9:30am
Tuesday 10am & 6pm
Cost is $25 and includes everything you need
Please note, unless you're a weekly regular, booking in is highly recommended!

See you all next year!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas 2002

Welcome to the last class of the year! 

We are using papers from the the same Fab Scraps range as last week, so you can make this a matching page if you like.

Because you know I love them, Magicals will feature again on this layout. This time we are painting chipboard and dyeing some seam binding with it. There are just so many ways to use these little pots of magic!

We will also try out the new WRMK frame maker! It's a really nifty little tool that lets you make frames in any size you want. 

You will need a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2" for the big photo, and 2 of approx 2x3" for the smaller ones. We can adjust those smaller sizes slightly.
Why don't you join us for a Christmas class at Scrappin' With Style
Monday 19/12 at 9:30am
Tuesday 20/12 at 10am & 6pm

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Happy Christmas - elves, Santas and Snowmen!

Christmas is just around the corner again and it's time we scrap something festive!

Next week, sweet snowmen, little elves and chubby Santas roam across the page.

I have silhouette cut my photo, but you have the option of using a garden-variety 4x6" photo (portrait pls) or a few minis. Or you can scrap the page, then line up your loved ones on Christmas Day and add the photo later! 

We will use the amazing Magicals again, but this time to crackle a chipboard piece. They can be used in quite a few different ways, so here's a new one to experiment with! 

Talking about new, this amazing glitter snow is new too! 

As are these very nice red flowers. Of course we will alter them a little, just because we can! 

Why won't you join me for this festive layout at Scrappin With Style @ TJ's
Monday, Dec 12 at 9:30am
Tuesday, Dec 13 at 10m and 6pm
Cost is $25, with all your materials and mediums included. Just bring a photo or add that later. Mostly, just bring your lovely (s)elf!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Travel double layout

We all love travelling and next week we're scrapping it! Even if you've only been to the Coast and back, you're bound to have lots of photos. 
So, inspired by the timeless style of Jane Tregenza, we're keeping it clean and simple with 10 photos (or even more hidden under the main one)! 
If you can't find the right photos, bring the lot and we'll trim them to fit! Or add photos later at home.
For $25 you will get a heap of papers, a whole sticker sheet and everything you need to leave with a finished double layout.
So, when is all this happening?
Monday at 9:30am
Tuesday at 10am & 6pm
at Scrappin' With Style

Bookings are essential unless you have already told me or Toni in person, as these kits are limited and I can't get any more. 
See you in class!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Love Life - rusty cogs and mixed media background

I'm using a few cool techniques learned during our Adelaide adventure (inspired by Natalie May's class). We're turning a super plain background into a mixed media one...

 ...make some rusty cogs and not a flower in sight! 

You know what that means - perfect for scrapping the guys! This also works really well for outback photos.

Choose your colours for the photo mats and paint your cogs in a rusty orange and teal combination. You will need a 4x6" photo (preferably portrait or you can flip the whole layout on its side)
Join me on Monday at 9:30am or Tuesday at 10am and 6pm!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2 Days in Cairns --- re-purpose old chipboard shapes

Do you have some old chipboard shapes that you no longer want to use because they're so out of style? In next week's class we're turning these yucky old chipboard flowers...

...into nicely layered little beauties.

And while we're re-purposing some old products, let's have some fun with peel-off stickers. They're mostly used by cardmaking grannies, but we can totally rock them too!

A couple of week ago we coloured in birds with Distress Crayons (see it here) and this time we're using the same crayons and a completely different technique to create this tag.

On both the chipboard flowers and the tag you can use whatever colour suits your photo, but we're all starting with a yellow and grey background. Those 2 colours go with almost anything.

So, if you'd like to learn 2 different techniques and get inspired to dig through your old stash again, join me for class next Monday at 9:30am and Tuesday at 10am or 6pm! As always, we're at Scrappin' With Style @ TJ's and cost is $25, which includes everything needed. 

Please bring a landscape 4x6" photo. If you have a heat gun and a heat mat, please bring them to save on waiting time!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Crazy cousins (and cacti)

Recently at the cheap shop I saw these tiny little cacti and they were so cute, I had to make some molds (I can show you how)!

The idea was to have them on a window sill and display photos in a window frame. I won't even make you cut out the holes! 

We will use paper clay and Distress inks to make these little cute succulents and a couple of garden gnomes too. So, if you're ready to get prickly, grab a 4x6" photo and six 2x3" minis (all landscape). They don't even have to be greatest photos, but avoid a line up of people for the main photo, because it will be cut in a semi circle and we don't want to chop off heads! It'll be best if the subject is in the centre of the photo.

A pretty bee charm and cogs will give it just a tiny bit of steampunk spirit, so you can use it for a different spin on a family tree too. 

Did that get your cogs turning? Join me in class on Monday (31/10) at 9:30am or Tuesday (1/11) at 10am and 6pm at Scrappin' With Style
Cost like always is $25 and includes all you need.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Birds with Distress Crayons and moss paint

Coming to a scrapbook class is a great way to try out a new product without having to buy it first! So let's dive in. 

The new Ranger Distress Crayons make colouring-in super easy. If you think you can handle some rough colouring and smudging, then this is your chance to have a go. It's actually much easier than other techniques we've done before. 

 Over the next few classes we will explore a few fun ways to use the Distress Crayons. They come in 25 different colours, which of course means that you can choose whatever suits your photo. I know these birds aren't naturally purple, but that's what matched my photo! 

 If you have enjoyed the concrete paint last class, then you will also love the moss paint! And tiny mushrooms... Yes, we're making those from scratch too.

All you need is a 4x6" or 5x7" photo in either direction. Preferably something with a bit of nature in it. You choose your bird and photo mat colours, but we're all starting with a green background. Please also bring some stickers for a title or cut your own in class with my dies.
Classes are as usual:
Monday 9:30am
Tuesday 10am and 6pm
Cost is $25 incl everything you need for your happiness (materials, aircon and scrap buddies)
at Scrappin' With Style, 21 Mayes Ave, Logan Central

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Next class will be one for the boys again. 

It features some super cool graffiti paper, a bit of stamping and stenciling in the background...

...a couple of cacti (why not?!) 

and you get a chance to play with the awesome new concrete paint! Yes, we will make up our own word (choose something no longer than 4 or 5 letters) and paint it to look like a rough concrete wall. It's super easy! 

Add a touch of glitter paper and a few chippies (lots of designs to choose from), some chain (not real) and you've got your own man-friendly layout!
All you need is a 5x7 landscape photo that has a bit of empty space on the sides so we can cut it into strips. Empty space can mean some nature, a city landscape, grass, sea etc. Anything but people! In other words, this is not the time to scrap the family portrait.

Join me for class at Scrappin' With Style,
as always on Monday at 9:30am or
Tuesday at 10am and 6pm
Cost is $25 with all you'll need 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Is this your holiday face?

Last Sunday I accidentally invented a technique and I kinda like it. Would you like to try it out?

It involves a stencil, inks, multimedium and wipes. We're starting with a white and a black cardstock (everyone will need to use a black background), then you choose colours to match your photo and the rest is a bit of messy fun. I promise it's not hard! This time I mean it...

If you own the 12x12" stencil I used (Cobblestone by Kaisercraft), please bring it along to class. This would cut the waiting time dramatically, as we all have to share it. And if you're the proud owner of Distress inks (aren't we all?!) and/or matching ink sponges, bring those too! 

You know what - Hairclips aren't only for hair and Christmas decorations aren't only for the tree. Let's think outside the season!

You will get to pick a chipboard word, so don't feel that you need to have a holiday photo. It can be anything you want. as long as it's landscape and 4x6".

If you're itching to give this a try,
come along on Monday (10/10/16) at 9:30am or
Tuesday (11/10/16) at 10am and 6pm
at Scrappin' With Style, 21 Mayes Ave, Logan Central
For the mere cost of $25 you will get all you need, some laughs, good friends and go home with a unique scrapbook layout. Win win!!!