Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Crazy cousins (and cacti)

Recently at the cheap shop I saw these tiny little cacti and they were so cute, I had to make some molds (I can show you how)!

The idea was to have them on a window sill and display photos in a window frame. I won't even make you cut out the holes! 

We will use paper clay and Distress inks to make these little cute succulents and a couple of garden gnomes too. So, if you're ready to get prickly, grab a 4x6" photo and six 2x3" minis (all landscape). They don't even have to be greatest photos, but avoid a line up of people for the main photo, because it will be cut in a semi circle and we don't want to chop off heads! It'll be best if the subject is in the centre of the photo.

A pretty bee charm and cogs will give it just a tiny bit of steampunk spirit, so you can use it for a different spin on a family tree too. 

Did that get your cogs turning? Join me in class on Monday (31/10) at 9:30am or Tuesday (1/11) at 10am and 6pm at Scrappin' With Style
Cost like always is $25 and includes all you need.

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