Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hello You

If you like it all natural, then next week's class is for you! And if natural is not your thing, add lots of colour instead! This layout is so versatile and all you need is a plain background (mine had just the words on it) and some paper scraps. 

 We will make this shabby flower: 

emboss some feathers (in the colours of your choice): 

 and make these cute little spools: 

So what are you waiting for? Join me in class next week!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Do you have one photo that could use a bit of limelight? This is the perfect class project to showcase a relaxed holiday snapshot. 

 With its black and gold colour scheme it would a more formal photo too. There is a gold shimmer on the black cardstock that unfortunately won't show in a photo.

All you'll need is some cardstock scraps and a few small embellishments like brads, buttons and mini flowers to create this nature border. The leafy border was inspired by a layout by Chloe Nielson.

We'll even make this rosette and seal from scratch.
If you want to join me, classes are on at these times:
Tuesdays 10am
Thursdays 6pm
Fridays 9:30am


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We play all day - another way to use lots of photos

So maybe you've noticed, but lately I've had a thing about using lots of photos. Mainly because I'm trying to get my travel album from 6 years ago finished (yes, I'm that behind) 

Many of you like the multiple photo craze too, so maybe you'd like to join me in class next week! You'll even get to decorate your very own chalkboard heart.

  When it comes to the child's silhouette, we have a choice of designs. And you'll have an excuse to use up some scrap papers. It gets better and better... 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A window & flower box layout

Recently I saw a lovely video by Marilyn Rivera on YouTube (see it here), showing how to get a lovely pleated effect and she kindly agreed to let me base next week's class on it.
 The pleats in the paper give it a romantic feel, perfect for a wedding photo, although any other theme will work too. 
The window frame features a pretty flower box with flowers. You can find lots of inexpensive mini roses here!

Cheers, Geli

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pocket scrapping for lazy bums - how I scrapped 22 photos in one evening

I normally spend hours scrapping one layout, so doing 4 is not gonna happen in one day. But miracles do happen. Here is how I scrapped 22 photos on 4 pages in one evening!

 I got some of the Charmed Life sets from my2angels yesterday and decided to scrap some older photos last night. Using those sets was so easy, it felt like cheating! All the tags are already done up beatifully, all you really have to do is add photos, journaling and a title. 

Charmed Project Life

Here is page No1:

Charmed Project Life

 Charmed Project Life
The only thing I had to add was a little extra ribbon, for modesty's sake☺

Charmed Project Life

 I could have stuck one more photo here, but used it for a title instead:

Charmed Project Life

This was done so quickly, I decided to rummage through the photo box and do the back of the pocket page with something girly:
Charmed Project Life
Here I used the pink mini picks...

...and some umbrella rub-ons I had in my stash. 

By now I was on a roll and found so many more cool photos I hadn't scrapped yet! Out came some silly ones I took with my friends Ann-Maree and Anna.
 I used the black and white mini picks for this one. 

Charmed Project Life

Charmed Project Life

The black and white ones are great, because you can add a splash of whatever colour suits your photos! In my case, a red title...

Charmed Project Life

 ...and filled in the hearts with red Liquid Pearls (Rouge).
Charmed Project Life

A white pen and white rub-on letters work great on the black cards. 

That one was done quickly too and out came the blue mini pick set. Now it actually screamed teenage boy, but my teen boy is not so keen on the camera and I wanted to use lots and lots of photos. So out came the old photo box again and I found lots from a time when Joel was little and we lived in Jakarta for a few months:

Charmed Project Life

 Just some white rub-ons for a title, some doodling...
Charmed Project Life

 ...a travel pin to show where we were (there are lots of different pins in the embellishment section)...
Charmed Project Life

... a big button (cause I needed a tiny bit of red there)...

Charmed Project Life

 ...and a bit of journalling. And in no time at all I had scrapped 8 photos! 

Charmed Project Life

So all in all, 22 photos on 4 pages in one evening wasn't really all that much hard work. Wasn't that every scrapper's original motivation, to get the photos out of their dusty boxes and into the album? So why not fill in the gaps with pocket pages!
The Charmed Life sets are gorgeous as they are (you don't need to tell they weren't handmade by you!) and if you want, add your own little touch here and there to make them truly yours.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2 Nights in Bangkok- adding lots of hidden photos

Extra class on Monday, 28/07 at 9:30
at TJ's Scrappin With Style!

If you have ever sat through a friend's slideshow, you will understand that while we all love taking lots of holiday snaps, your friends will not appreciate the hundereds of photos of some obscure place you've been to. So, the dilemma is how to include those photos in our albums and not bore viewers into a coma. I have been doing lots of Project Life-style pocket pages to fill my travel albums with those so-so photos in between the good layouts. I won't inflict those upon you, but here is a totally different solution to the same problem:

I have created a couple of photo strips that can be pulled out and reveal a few more photos. Thay way I get to include the awesome sights I enjoyed at the Grand Palace in Bangkok and you can see it or leave it. If you have a lot of travel photos too and want to keep your albums uncluttered, come to class next week and learn how! 

You can have up to 6 small photos (with the possibility of adding even more!!!), plus 1 main photo and journalling.
Classes run Tuesday mornings and Thursday nights only during the school holidays.