Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A French inspired layout

For pure style and elegance, you can't go better than French. Next week's class is featuring an Eiffel Tower and some French rub-ons. 

Don't dismay if you haven't been to France! My grandma (the one in the middle in 1948) wasn't in France either, but the style suits it well. We'll be making a linen flower too. So pretty.

Join me at these times:
Tuesday 10am
Thursday 6pm
Friday 9:30am

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ripped paper & lace background

I saw this cool technique in the latest Scrapbooking Memories magazine 17.5 and here is my take on it. It turned out very purple!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grunge Time Charming Frame - the boys' version!

You've seen the pretty, girly version of the Grunge Time Charming Frame kit (see the finished sample here) and here is a version for the boys! 

Same kit, different theme. At $3.50 they're a steal.
I spray painted my clock piece with some stone effect spray paint, but you could use a different medium like Ferro or Distress Embossing Enamel) to get a similar effect:

Next, glue the frame on a piece of acetate with Glossy Accents or Dimensional Magic and adhere a die-cut round photo behind that:

Fill in the spaces between the Roman numerals with Crackle Medium or Distress Crackle Paint to get some cool cracks in your "glass":

Place the acrylic block on some cool paper, trace around it and cut it out. Shade the edges with Distress Ink and glue it to the acrylic block with Glossy Accents or Dimensional Magic:

To give the chipboard cogs a cool grungy look, heat emboss them in several layers of embossing powders and while still hot, sprinkle on some Micro Beads. Then add one more layer of embossing powder on top and heat one more time. You can also try embedding some Mica Fragments:

Now use a hot glue gun to glue your clock frame into the block's slit and glue down the embossed chipboard and metal cogs:

Gather some boyish embellishments to finish the look. I used:
- the "game over" tile from the Boys to Men Charming Button Collection

- all the metal cog charms from the kit
- a few ball chains
 - more micro beads
- some star sequins (to hide any hot glue mess)

 - a bottle cap embellishment from the Grunge Charming Dates set

Did you know you can get rid of those pesky stringy bits from the hot glue by pointing your heat gun at them for a few seconds? They will melt away! Just don't do it long enough to melt anything else.

As you can see, this frame is most versatile. Just compare the 2 versions and create your own favourite look!

Ticket to the Lion King

We were lucky enough to win tickets to the Lion King stage show and I took my girls to see it. We all loved it! 

 Did you see a cool show or go on a great trip lately? This layout will be perfect to scrap those photos! Grap some paper and a few flowers and we will create the rest in class.

Can you stamp with an embossing folder? Yes you can! Ink it up and stamp away. Perfect for those times when you don't have the right stamp.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our champ - pie chart and hidden photo

Over the years working as a scrapbook teacher I have noticed a couple of things:

Problem #1:
 A lot of our older photos feature a lot of background (often messy) and a tiny subject. I'm talking about your toddler doing something adorable, but you can hardly see them. 
Using those photos on a pie chart, gives us the chance to zoom right in and you can use more than one photo.

 Problem #2: 
There is this privacy problem. You can't show off photos with other people's kids without permission and it can make scrapbooking a little tricky. 
Or maybe you have a few embarrassing shots of the above mentioned adorable toddler you want to keep for their 21st birthday, but they aren't for all to see?
Hide them! It's obvious of course and there are many cool ways to create pockets to open flaps to lift and here is one:
(I have blurred the faces for the above reason) 
So if you have a few cool potty training photos, uncles and aunties from your wedding you'd rather not display or just plain old too many photos to chose from, grab a cardstock, photos and some scraps; join me in class next week and we will create this pretty page! It can be made boyish without trouble.