Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our champ - pie chart and hidden photo

Over the years working as a scrapbook teacher I have noticed a couple of things:

Problem #1:
 A lot of our older photos feature a lot of background (often messy) and a tiny subject. I'm talking about your toddler doing something adorable, but you can hardly see them. 
Using those photos on a pie chart, gives us the chance to zoom right in and you can use more than one photo.

 Problem #2: 
There is this privacy problem. You can't show off photos with other people's kids without permission and it can make scrapbooking a little tricky. 
Or maybe you have a few embarrassing shots of the above mentioned adorable toddler you want to keep for their 21st birthday, but they aren't for all to see?
Hide them! It's obvious of course and there are many cool ways to create pockets to open flaps to lift and here is one:
(I have blurred the faces for the above reason) 
So if you have a few cool potty training photos, uncles and aunties from your wedding you'd rather not display or just plain old too many photos to chose from, grab a cardstock, photos and some scraps; join me in class next week and we will create this pretty page! It can be made boyish without trouble. 

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