Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pick a puppy - an outback layout

Head for the great outdoors and take lots of photos, because next week we're scrapping with an outback theme. 

Gorgeous burnt orange and copper tones, combined with hessian and small amounts of metallic shine make this perfect for travel photos, vintage, sepia or black & white photos too. I have never been to the outback, but this month the kids went to a farm to pick a puppy, so puppy photos it is for me.

We're painting a chipboard windmill and barbed wire to give them a rusty / metal look.  

There is also some stenciling, paper clay moulds and stamping. All you will need is 3 photos, approximately 4" diameter for the big one and 3" diameter for the 2 smaller ones. 

Classes are held, as always, on Monday (04/04) at 9:30am and Tuesday (05/04) 
at TJ's  Scrappin' With Style
Cost is $25 incl materials
(Spots are limited, kits will only be available if there are spares)

See you in class!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Crossing the Alps - stamping and colouring in

Next week's class project features a soft pastel background and a blast of colour with some stamping and painting. 

 I promise it's not too hard, because these paints practically blend themselves. I'd like everyone to pick their own colours, so don't you all go pink! Imagine this in golden orange, turquoise or purple....

 Just bring a "landy" 4x6" photo and a good brush with a fine tip, if you have one.

 The rest of the layout is kept simple, so there'll be no stress. 

Happy Easter! We're meeting for class on Easter Monday (9:30am)and Tuesday (10am & 6pm) at Scrappin' With Style, so if you're free, come and join me for some fun! Sorry, there'll be no kits this week as this project is all technique. You'll just have to come or miss out...

Love, Geli

Friday, March 18, 2016

Everything is peachy

This week at the Stitches and Craft show I am demonstrating some fabulous new products - Starlight metallic paints, available from Art Stamps Australia. Not only do they have the most gorgeous intense metallic shine, they can be used on paper, chipboard, wood and metal! I know you will love them too when we try them out in class next Monday and Tuesday! 

We will paint some resin feathers, a "keep calm" embellishment and the edges of the flowers. 

Everyone will get a choice of papers: 
- neutral & peach (that I used) or 
- teal & cream or
- black & cream or 
- jeans blue & cream. 
Team that with 2 contrasting cardstocks in the color of your choice. 
Everyone's embellishments will vary too, so let's see how they all turn out! 

You will just need one 4x6" photo (either direction)

The cost including all materials is $25.

If you're at the craft fair this weekend, make sure you drop in at Art Stamps in aisle A!

Cheers, Geli

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hey fabulous!

If you want a sweet layout with so many possible themes, come to class next week! Sweet pastels would be perfect for babies and young kids, and yet the balloons are also great for travel  photos. Older photos that have muted colours go well with these soft colours. 

We're having a bit of fun with chipboard (several words and balloon shapes to choose from). 

Learn how to funk up a large brad, even if the original colour is a bit yuk! Do you still have some eyelets in your stash? Don't leave them there, all unloved - they add cool holes to a layout and are good for so much more than tags. 

Did you know that stencils are great for embossing too? Learn how by turning a plain white cardstock into a funky background.

This week there will be NO TUESDAY MORNING CLASS! I have to do some training at Ikea and unfortunately, it has to be on a Tuesday. You can still join me on Monday at 9:30 and Tuesday night at 6pm.
Classes are all at Scrappin' With Style and cost is $25, which includes all materials.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happiness is a selfie

Contrasts rock and it's time for a fun collage with colours dull & shiny and different textures!

We start with a neutral brown base, then add some black and a few splashes of bright colour. There is a rough, textured title that is painted in 2 metallic shades. And it doesn't have to be super neat.

Remember the crackle paint we used recently (see every little thing)? Let's use it differently this time, combined with metal paint to create this crackled star. I will pre-crackle them to save time. 

You can choose any 2 of the following metal colours for your title and star: 
copper, silver, red, pink, purple, blue and teal green. 

Chipboard hearts look cool in stark black, it's not necessarily girly that way! The whole layout is easy to adapt to boy or girl photos, by the way.

If you want to join me, come to class on Monday (March 7) at 9:30am or Tuesday (March 8) at 10am and 6pm
All classes are held at TJ's Scrappin' With Style, 21 Mayes Ave, Logan Central
Cost is $25 and includes all materials. Please bring a 4x6" portrait photo (or two 3x4" landscape minis) and a black pen.