Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pick a puppy - an outback layout

Head for the great outdoors and take lots of photos, because next week we're scrapping with an outback theme. 

Gorgeous burnt orange and copper tones, combined with hessian and small amounts of metallic shine make this perfect for travel photos, vintage, sepia or black & white photos too. I have never been to the outback, but this month the kids went to a farm to pick a puppy, so puppy photos it is for me.

We're painting a chipboard windmill and barbed wire to give them a rusty / metal look.  

There is also some stenciling, paper clay moulds and stamping. All you will need is 3 photos, approximately 4" diameter for the big one and 3" diameter for the 2 smaller ones. 

Classes are held, as always, on Monday (04/04) at 9:30am and Tuesday (05/04) 
at TJ's  Scrappin' With Style
Cost is $25 incl materials
(Spots are limited, kits will only be available if there are spares)

See you in class!

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