Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Green Thumb

When we bought our house last year I shovelled all the compost from the old house into bags and spread it in the new garden bed. Before we knew it there were "accidental" tomatoes everywhere and we had quite a good crop with nearly zero effort. Joel was so proud!

So, here is the project we'll be using in class from Sep 7 to 10. Perfect for a set of similar-looking photos (you know the ones where you just HAD to keep snapping photo after photo).

There'll be a butterfly, twine, some leaves and, yes, some sticks for a nature sort of feel. If you use earthy colours in your papers you can also achieve a very gorgeous vintage look.

The idea of using sticks was inspired by the gorgeous works of Tracey.


  1. oh Geli.. i love it.. looks so cool.. love the sticks....
    and the photos.. i'm a fan of a heap of photos..super...