Friday, September 24, 2010


I love this photo of my daughter Hannah. Her hair is always a little wild and she's got such an expressive face.

I made this gorgeous flower from satin and keep your eyes peeled because this will be coming up in a class soon.

Gilly gave me a mini pot of the most beautiful vintage glitter glass. I used it to glitz up a plain cardstock title. There is a little tutorial on Gilly and Nay 's blog on how to use it.

Yes, I love feathers, so here we have some again:

Another home-made overlay:

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is stunning Geli. I think this might be my new favourite. x

  2. yummm .. gorgeous that flower.. so sweet.. and yumm and the texture as wonderful.. awesome layout.

  3. I would agree with Shell this is so GORGEOUS Geli, I personally cant wait to do your class on the beautiful flower...and where oh where can I get the glitter glass????? is it easier than ink and embossing powder? TFS Geli, great LO - cu Tuesday xxxxx