Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Be my boy a bit longer

I have just realised that my little boy will be a high school kid next year and I might not have that many chances left to see him play at a playground. So here's my wish: Be my boy a bit longer! I've never wanted you to stay small forever but don't hurry to grow up.

We'll be using this layout in class next week and we'll make our own funky spotty overlay! It's fun and easy.

A few spotty swirls:

and a corrugated title:

Thanks for looking! xoxoxo


  1. oh Geli.. he still have most of the year yet before he is old..lol.. but super fun photo... and yay .. make your own goodness..woohoo.

  2. Know that feeling Geli! Mine are growing too fast too! Great LO!