Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Party, party, party

I recently got to play with some yummy new stuff from My 2 Angels. You can find the links to all the products used on Tracy's blog here

The whole Let's Celebrate range reminded me of a high tea party (not that I ever have any of those, but YOU might), so I decided to make a little party set with an invitation, name holder and a birthday card.

Here’s how to make a standing-up invitation that can be mailed flat.

You will need:
-        2 pieces of cardstock: 4x4” and 4x8”,
-        2 pieces of the Wrapping paper both 3 ¾ x 3 ¾”,
-        a punched border strip 4” long
-        and 2 decorated panels from the “You’re invited” paper
 I used a sweet little cupcake charm, which I painted first and a cupcake from “Sweets & Treats” 

Fold the larger piece of cardstock in half and fold one half in half again, like this:

Glue the smaller piece of cardstock on that like shown:

And add the decorated panel

That’ll be the front of your card. On the inside glue on the 2nd panel like this:

But tuck in the punched border under the panel. It will keep the front of the card standing up.


Talking about High Tea, you will need name tags to seat all your “distinguished guests”

“We” might not be amused, but your friends will get a kick out of this: You use a toilet paper roll for a base. Shocking, I know.

You will need a 1 ½” section of a toilet paper roll and half a strip of “perfectly pleated cardstock”. I inked the top edge a little and glued it around the toilet paper roll.

If you want, cover the inside with a strip of paper, so the in-laws don’t find out our little secret. Next, add some velvet ribbon to the bottom edge and cut out a cupcake. Emboss a chipboard balloon (without the string) with embossing powder (I gave mine 3 coats to make it nice and shiny). Take a length of wire and wind it around a pencil like this:

Gently slide it off and sticky-tape one end behind the cupcake and the other behind the balloon. Cover the back of the balloon with some scrap paper.

Using some strong glue attach the cupcake with the wire to the ring and use a high-tech cloth peg to hold it in place till it’s dry.

Add a name and you’re done. This might look like a lot of steps for a small decoration but if you do these in production-line style you’ll be done with a dozen in no time.

And last I made a birthday card.

Tracy embossed some acetate with the Cuttlebug birthday embossing folder  and look how awesome this turned out! I decided this didn’t need a lot more, so here are the bits I have added:
-        some glimmer misted cardstock underneath (darker colours show the embossing best),
-        some more cupcakes 
-        a velvet ribbon 
-        a rhinestone circle 
-        and a birthday chipboard word covered in German glitter glass

Have fun celebrating!

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  1. Gorgeous birthday set Geli.. love the tutorial for the card!! :)))