Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Even though there is a 3 year gap between my girls, most days they play together really well. I have 2 sisters myself and I'm so happy my girls get to experience the joy of having a sister around.
I saw this gorgeous frame in a mag's layout and wanted to try something similar. Sorry if I'm not giving the glory, I simply don't know where I saw it. 

Got lots of photos? Cut them into hearts:

 Punched layered flowers are so quick and easy:

And the good old cotton doily. Thanks, op shop!


  1. beautiful LO Geli - I do hope I can make it to this class next week :)

  2. So very pretty and girly! Gilly oxo

  3. Hi Geli! :)
    Thanks for stopping by, I love that I now have more than a 12x12 space cleared on my table lol Love having spots for things too.
    Love the flowers and those heart photos are cute as!