Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to make rolled paper roses

Here is a quick and easy way to make very pretty rolled paper roses. You only need a small strip of paper for each rose and that makes it a perfect way to use up little cut-offs from your project that match perfectly.

First, cut a strip that is 1x6" long and a circle. Don't waste time cutting out a perfect circle, wonky will be just fine.

Wet the paper strip and fold it in half, but don't crease it too hard.

Start rolling with the folded edge on top.

Keep rolling and twist and pinch the paper a little as you go. 

Totally random.

Here is the entire strip rolled up. Hmmm, not very rose-like yet...

Put some quick drying glue on the paper circle. I like Helmar glue the best, but PVA glue will be fine too. 

Press the rolled flower on the glue...

...and tuck the end under.

Trim off any circle bits sticking out (I told you it didn't need to be a perfect circle).

Once the paper is dry, add some pearls or rhinestones or whatever takes your fancy. Done!

You can experiment with different sizes of paper. The longer the paper, the bigger the rose, of course.

And here is one I have prepared earlier! I used lots of My2Angels goodies.

...a cream felt heart on top of a pink one, a hat pin and a birthday pin.  

The large white flower is embossed and inked with a Cuttlebug folder :

Thanks for looking!

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  1. You're always coming up with such imaginative LO designs and I love this one too... the roll up rose looks stunning and so does the my2Angels cluster you've created :)