Friday, December 7, 2012

How to make a twirling Christmas card

Would you like to see how to make a Christmas card with a swirling snowflake? It's really easy.

Here is what you'll need (click on the links to find it)
- a square cream card
- a pack of collectables (they will go a long way)
- 2 pieces of patterned paper: wishlist and remember
- a piece of red cardstock
- a buckle: find a great variety here
Most of these will be enough for several cards.


Cut a piece of patterned paper (white with leaves) so it is just a tiny bit smaller than the card and die cut a hole in the middle of both. I laid the paper on top of the card and did them both at the same time so the holes would match. 
Cut a ring from the red cardstock with the hole being the same size.
Cut a circle one size larger from the second piece of paper (blue).


Emboss the front of the card and glue the red ring on top of the hole. Don't worry of the embossing folder won't reach the edge, it looks pretty like that too.


Pick out 2 matching pieces from the collectables pack. Glue them together with a piece of cotton thread (doubled up) in-between. If you can't find matching pieces, glue a piece of cardstock behind a single one instead.
Sticky tape it into the hole like this: 

Double back to secure the tread a little better. The thread should be nice and tight.

Now cover it with the piece of paper that has the hole in it.


Outline the position of the hole on the inside of the card...

 ... and glue the blue circle on top. This way it peeks through the hole when the card is closed. Add a sentiment from the collectables pack.


 On the front, add some twigs from the collectables pack and string a buckle on 25cm of glitter ribbon. Glue the buckle down with strong glue or a glue dot.

 Starting from the outside edge of the card glue down the ribbon and let the excess loop like a bow. 
Add a little holly charm and you are done! 

Before you put the card in an envelope,"wind up" the snowflake and when the person opens the card up it will twirl!

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