Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwing pebbles - how to use unloved papers

I've been cleaning out my paper stash. OMG, it really needed it. Some papers have been sitting there for 5 or more years and I couldn't see myself using them. Most of it went to fellow scrappers who were happy to give them a new home and hopefully some use. 

But then this little ugly duckling fell into my hands...

... not something I would have picked out at a shop (it came in a gift pack), but it seemed to go well with the blues and aquas I had in mind. So instead of chucking it out I decided I was going to give it some Peeping Tom powers and frame it with yet another unloved paper that had just the right teal colour. By using those 2 in small dosis, I actually kinda like them. 
And of course, there is a cute felt garland (found the idea on Pinterest here) Again, just using up odds and ends from the brad stash. 

I'm really pleased with the outcome and now I'm wondering maybe I should have kept all those ugly ducklings from the paper stash... No, really, it feels great to clean out.


  1. This looks fantastic Geli! I really dig the felties :)

    Luv renee

  2. Looks great Geli, you gave them a good home