Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This little piggy

Ready for some barnyard scrapping?

It's got Jeans frames and fake wood panels! Would you like to know how to make these from a simple piece of cardstock? In the colour of your choice?? Hold on to your strawhat and come to my class next week! 

There is a funny story of Joel when he was little. On his 2nd birthday we took him to a petting zoo and for the longest time he was chasing a little piglet. It escaped him every time, but finally he caught it. Now I expected he would pet it, brush it or carry it around for a little while. But no, he took it to a nearby bucket and dumped the poor piggy in the water. It was so funny. (no pig was hurt) 
Even though the photos are from a different event (when he had learned to be nicer to piggies), I wanted to include the funny story and created a hidden pocket under the photo:

Leonie gave me a bag of these mini spools and we'll use one for our title! So cute...

Because I'll be teaching a workshop at the expo Wednesday to Sunday there'll only be a Tuesday morning and Thursday night class next week.

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