Thursday, November 14, 2013

Buttons and Stars Christmas Wreath

Yesterday I got a pack of the new swirl buttons from my2angels and right away I started thinking about what I could do with them. They're acutally pretty big, a whopping 3cm! (Pssst, find them here, there are other designs and colours too!)
My first idea was using them as a lollipop on a card, but I wanted something a little more different. So, how about a funky button Christmas wreath? 

Nothing says Christmas like red, white and bling!

Here is how:
A paper doily makes a nice base. Mine is 14cm in diameter, but any size will work. Unfortunately a doily is kind of floppy, so something is needed to strengthen it a bit without taking away from the lacey look. I decided acetate was just what the doctor ordered. Cut a circle slightly larger than the doiley, spray the doiley with spray glue, glue it on and then cut out a circle from the middle:
(You can just kind of make out the acetate. Take it from me, it's there.)
Punch a hole and thread some red organza ribbon
through. Use strong glue (like Helmar 450, aka "stinky glue") to glue down both ribbon ends at the back. Tie a seperate bow and glue it on.

Unravel some baker's twine  so you only have the white strands, thread it through the holes of the red swirl buttons  and tie a bow on each one. A little drop of glue with keep the bow from coming apart:

Glue the buttons on the doiley wreath with the before mentioned "stinky glue"

Gather 3 or more red & white paper scraps. 
Cut out stars (I used 15, the amount will depend on the size of your doily base), score and fold them like this:
 Keep folding until you have a nice little pile:
Most of my paper came from the bottom of my stash, but you can find the number paper here: December Documented Bingo Cards. 

 Put 2 foam dots on the back of each star...
...and glue the stars on the wreath. Finish it off with a few scattered rhinestones .
Now hang it up and enjoy! 

PS: To try out some other colour combinations, check out the button section herePersonally I like the black & white ones

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