Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Scrapping in the Limelight

I don't normally go crazy over green, but this new Limelight collection made me change sides. I love it and have used just about every scrap of the papers and collectables I was given. They are perfect for masculine projects. It is now available at my2angels.

For my first layout I cut out the section with botanical drawings from the front of the Arise paper(though they look great, they didn't go with the theme), flipped the paper over and used the back as a centre strip. It's all sticky-taped together on the back. 
The messy background was done with a splat stencil and Distress ink (Black Soot) applied with a blending tool. There is a bit of that in the top left corner too. 

The big splat is the perfect background for a cluster of die cuts from the Limelight collectables. An edge from the Classique frame kit's felt frame grounds it all nicely.

 I made a rough rosette from denim: Simply gather-stitch along one side of a 5cm wide strip of denim, pull the thread and gather-stitch until it forms a circle. Sew the 2 ends together and fray the outer edge.

In the middle sits a ric-rac rosette. Take 2 lengths of ric rac ribbon (on sale now) and braid them together. Just pretend you're braiding hair with only 2 bunches of hair. Some people sew them together, but I found the zig-zag patterns makes them stick together all by themselves. Once the whole piece is braided, roll them up and glue as you roll, keeping the circle flat like a disc. It's really easy. The ric-rac comes in 2m lengths and I made 2 large rosettes from that (this one is the smaller of the two).

A few small embellies finish it off: a boy charm (find a similar one here), a few cogs from the gadget gear cogs (these will be a must-have in my stash for a looooong time), a LOL tag and a glass cabochon

A vintage button fits in the cog charm perfectly! Actually, it is simply a worn-out button that was just the right shade of green, that's all. But vintage sounds much classier!

See my girly version here that we're doing in class next week!

The Limelight collection goes well with browns too!

For the next layout I made a grungy background by cutting out some cogs and painting over it with gesso, swiping some distress ink over it, masking, stamping, Inka Golding... I just kept going until it felt grungy enough. 
Unfortunately it was night-time and I didn't take photos of any of this.

 As you can see, the Limelight papers fits that perfectly too! I cut a wavy strip from the Today paper and paired it with the reverse (green) and some old yellow paper to match the lemon theme.
And just in case you're wondering why Joel is happily biting into a lemon, here is the reason:

Click here for more inspiration using the Limelight collection!GELI

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