Thursday, August 21, 2014

The three of us

Ok, so this is a pretty unusual colour combo for me. I don't normally reach for purple in the first place, but to combine it with grey, navy and red is not what I had originally planned. I didn't even end up using the photo I had originally picked this paper for. There you go, nothing went as planned. But I kind of like it. Do you?

I have made it a rule that if I buy a piece of paper, I have to buy one or two more from the same range so I have something to match. That's how the weird colour combo happened. 
It's nice to do something totally different once in a while. So why not take the plunge and do that one thing / use that one colour / try that technique you're always avoiding?

  The hearts are inspired by Cindy Porter's technique I saw on her blog (see it here), though I used inks instead of mists. 

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  1. Very Cool Geli - I encourage you to use purple more often