Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tie dyeing on paper

The latest Scrapbooking Memories mag featured a pretty cool technique of the month - tie dyeing your paper. It worked pretty well too and next week we're giving it a go in class! It's perfect for boy pages (we all know how hard it can be to scrap teenage boys and men). You can pick your own colours of course.

We are using the awesome Cap It embellishment from my2angels and you can find all the available colours (incl girl versions) here.

Why not include a hidden booklet and up to 8 more photos? Or space for journalling? Or both? Anything that isn't really scrap-worthy but part of the story can go in there. Think boarding passes, ticket stubs, red-eyed photos etc.

Mine features all the photos of food Joel took on his trip to Rwanda.

Are you ready to give this a go? All will be included in this class for $25 and you will only need one main photo and up to 8 photos for the booklet, an apron and a smile.

Tue (07/07) 10am
Thur (09/07) 6pm
Fri (10/07) 9:30am

60 Bryants Rd, Shailer Park

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