Wednesday, July 13, 2016


What happens when you forget to take paper home for class? You improvise with what you have. So, how about a neutral colour palette with some tiny splashes of red and the colour of your choice?

 I brought back an old book from Switzerland, because I adore the beautiful old German font. We will cut it up and make some butterflies. Rolled roses are easy to make and look good enough to eat with some junky glitter.

The background paper will get some slashes, with a bit of the red from the back of the paper peeking out. Mat it with any colour you want to complement your photo. 

Do you want to scrap more than one photo? This layout can handle a few more! Place 2 or 3 photos in a row or add a vertical strip of minis on the right hand side.

Bring your photo(s) 4x6" (or several smaller ones)
Join me at Scrappin' With Style at TJ's
Monday, 18/07, at 9:30am
Tuesday, 19/07, at 10am & 6pm
Cost is $25
See you there! 

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