Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kiss - a tropical escape

Sorry it's a little late, but you'll forgive me when you find out what I bought today.

Next week's page is here! And it's too pretty to keep on one page, so we're stretching it to a double page, which means we can add lots of photos! 

As you know, my favourite medium of the year is Magicals, those versatile little bottles of amazing colours. This time we're going to create a dreamy watercolour effect with just a hint of texture and design. It's easy and fun and of course, everybody's will look different. You'll be amazed at what you can do with 2 Magicals and a sheet of white cardstock.

Then we'll add Island Escape paper (the monstera leaf is already die cut), a few clusters of pretty things, flowers, filigrees and butterflies, sequins, pearls and a sweet little paper bow.

I have used four 3x4" photos, but you can use more, change directions and sizes and make it yours! The photo in the frame is pretty small, so keep that one no bigger than 3x4. 

Suggested themes are:
weddings, beach, Hawaii, cruise, tropical, anniversary, girly.

As always, we'll meet at Toni's on Monday (20/03) at 9:30am
Tuesday (21/03) at 10am & 6pm
$25 gets you a seat in class, all the materials you need and a friendly little chat. Don't forget to book in!
See you there!

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