Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Giving money in a card

Recently we went to a wedding and wanted to give some money as a wedding gift. 

 I searched the internet for some creative folding and found this little video on how to make a swan from a dollar bill. You can find the video by clicking here 

The swans were easy to make, but Australian money is made from plastic and won't stay folded, so I had to add a couple of staples and glue dots. No worries, they're easy to remove!

Not only is Australian money plastic, it also features some cool little windows and fairly bright colours. They weren't easy to match up with papers! In the end I made it into a little wallet card, so that the swans pop up when you open it. 

I simply followed the instructions in a video (click here). I hope this gives you some inspiration for next time you want to give money creatively.

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