Monday, November 15, 2010

Sugar and spice

...and all things nice.
These 2 best friends are cuteness on a stick! Leah and Lif have been friends since they were two and they go to Prep together. Once day they were pretending to be ballerinas (note the fabulous make-up!)

My daughter Hannah (in the middle) organised and choreographed it all and here they are:

(I feel a double page coming on!)

I used some muslin for a bit of texture and to make some roses:

There had to be a feather and some bling:

Some embossing:

and the cute little mini-prints:

All this is thanks to the gorgeous sketch by Julie Winks:

You can check hers out at the Boxx. I really like the idea of adding some of the mini photos, I'll have to use them again. Someone suggested we can also use some photo booth photos there, how cool is that?!