Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas card tutorial

Do you need a last minute bunch of Christmas cards? Here is a tutorial to help you whip up 12 in about 2 hours. Sounds good? Take a peek:

Here is what you'll need:

3 patterned papers
6 white Bazzills
1 pink Bazzil
1 green Bazzill
1.5m ribbon
It will cost around $15, but you can cut costs by using cheaper cardstock from Crazy Clark's (do check the size though, they're often slightly smaller and you'll have to adjust measurements).

You will need some tools too:

Cutter and scissors
tape and foam squares
edge punch or edge scissors
something to cut a circle and a scalloped circle (I used Nestabilities and a compass)
a Christmas stamp and a word stamp


Score your white cardstock at 4" from the left and 4" from the right:
now cut it in half:
mark out lines like shown and cut:
It should look like this:
now fold it:
(I inked the edges so you can see it better, you don't need to ink)
Do that with all 6 white Bazzills. Easy, right? Keep the little cut-offs, we'll use them later.


From the snowflake paper:
Cut 3 strips of 4" and cut each into half. You should have 6 pieces of 4x6"each. Mark and cut each one like this:
(Please be aware that if you mark it on the back of the paper you will have to reverse the diagonal line.)

From the blue & green paper:
Cut 2 strips of 4" and cut these into 4" squares.Cut each square in half diagonally like this:
You should now have 12 triangels.

From the chequered paper:
Cut 3 strips of 4" and cut each into 3" sections so you have 12 pieces of 3x4" each.
You should now have 12 of each of these:


Use a border punch (or edge scissors) and cut 12 strips of the pink and 6 of the green Bazzill:
They get taped behind each piece of patterned paper and trimmed like this:


Tape a piece of ribbon (about 12cm) to the snowflake paper and tuck in the ends:

You can use some embellishments you already have but here is what I have done:
Stamp a Christmas stamp onto a cut-off piece of white Bazzill and cut it out as a circle. I used my compass, but if you have a fancy tool to do this all the better. The size will depend on the size of your stamp. 
I used my scallop Nestabilities to cut out a matching mat from the leftover green Bazzill. You could use some edge scissors instead.
Stick them together and use foam squares to pop the angel on top of the ribbon:

Now tape all the pieces down and trim off anything that sticks over the edge. Stamp a Christmas greeting and you are done!
Pat yourself on the back! 12 fancy cards done.


  1. PERFECT timing Geli!! just lovely & so well presented too !! please could I use this tute to make 12 cards to sell? LOL I still LOVE your style and these are just gorgeous :)

  2. Hi Geli-stalked you from the Boxx and just joined your followers,I love your blog,hope you will check out my blog-dee

  3. Thanks thats great can you just came over and do them for me too lol! Gilly ox