Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toowoomba weekend rox

I had the best weekend at Leanne's place in Toowoomba where we scrapped, chatted, laughed at silly tampon jokes and killed several bottles in no time. Look at all that talent in one place!

From left to right:
Tracey, Lisa, Leanne, Gilly, Debbie, Belinda, Kim, Renee and me. Notice how we're all nicely lined up according to height? LOL, totally intentional!

And we got heaps done too. Check out this wall of layouts:

So we didn't only drink! Here are mine (and I will post some close-ups later)

No.1: Bringing Goldie home:

No.2: The making of a smile:


No.3: Student council:

No. 4: Trampolines are not just for jumping:

No.5: Twinkles

No.6: You are my sunshine:

There is a No.7, which I made for Jo, Belinda's mum, but you will have to wait for her to post a photo of it. (It was late, do I need to say more...) Thanks, Leanne, for hosting an awesome weekend! I was so wound up and full of ideas that I couldn't sleep on the first night back at home.
Ok, time to get the kiddies from school. I'll show you close-ups later.


  1. Gorgeous Layouts Geli .... looks like you all had a great time ... I would have done more of the drinking and chatting than scrapping LOL

  2. was awesome to finally meet you Geli... Layouts look fanastic... Maybe next time you are up, i will be able to join you all scrappin'

  3. Love all your LO's! Thanks for being such a good friend Gilly oxo

  4. gosh Geli, you were busy, not enough time drinking I expect LOL, it really was a fabulous weekend, so can't wait for the next one!

  5. fantastic work Geli.. all of your work looks amazing...

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