Monday, June 13, 2011

Scrapbook expo photos!

What fun we had at the expo this long weekend! Here are some photos of a few of my scrapping buddies. It was soooo awesome to catch up again or finally meet in real life!

Me and my layout at the "express yourself" competition and here's Renee's and Gilly's: 

Leanne, Annette, Mary and Kim:

Tracy from my2angels and me:

Jess Mackenzie and me:

fun, fun, fun!
Now the pockets are empty and I have a huge stack of new toys to play with and fun new stuff for us to use in class.


  1. It looks like you had fun Geli at the year I will be joining ya!

  2. Oh!!! You look like you had such a fun time!!

  3. Awesome to meet you IRL ... we had loads of fun too now the two of us (Jess and I) are SITTING DOWN soooo good to sit (and having a drink LOL)

  4. woohoo.. those photos of you and the girls with your layouts are PRICEless.. congrats...

    and the photo with me in it.. ahhh i look like a vampire.. red eyes...{well in the facebook one i}
    anyho. so sad that i didnt actually get to spend time with you.. next year i will organize abit more...

  5. looks like you had a wow of a good time with those pics...can't wait to see the layouts now