Monday, March 19, 2012

How to shabby emboss charms

I made this layout for My2Angels, the place to get charms. (If the sky wasn't so grey I could get a better photo of this, but for now this will have to do)
Charms look quite cute just the way they are, but sometimes it's nice to alter them a little.Here I want to show you how to shabby emboss your charms.
First, I heated a camera charm with a heat gun (use tweezers!) and sprinkled embossing powder over it. It looked like this:
Quite nice, but I wanted a different colour. So I heated it again and sprinkled pink embossing powder on top:
I liked that effect, but now I had overdone it a bit and all the detail of the charm had disappeared. So I scratched some of the embossing powder off again:
 And heated it once more to set. After it was cool, I used a watermark pen to add some copper embossing powder to the lens, so it would stand out a little. And there you have it, a shabby little charm:
It's fun to experiment a little.
The yellow rosette is made with this super useful rosette die.
Here are some closies:
For the background I inked a Crafter's Workshop template with Distress ink and printed with it, but it was a little hard to see. So I repeated it, but this time with Glimmer Mist and got this effect. Nice.
A cute little dolphin charm and some resin flowers, definitely one of my favourites: 
If you want to stitch and have no embroidery floss left, you can use a single strand of the mega-versatile baker's twine. Tracy thinks I use it as dental floss, I go through this stuff so quickly...

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