Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Joel at twelve

Ah, those teenage boys are hard to scrap! So I've got to get some good ones in before he turns 13 in September! Plus, I owe him since that pink layout from "Flower girls". So here's a good one for older boys and we'll be doing that next week if you wanna come along.

 I used a sketch from the October Afternoon blog (my favourite brand).
There's a bit of a starburst (me, playing with my new die):

The same die was used for the border on the right. Way too cute and ok for boys, too.
I made a banner with (you guessed it) another new die:

and a bit of crackling to make it look "tough". Joel approved, I hope you do too.
Cheers, Geli 

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  1. such creativity Geli, and inspiring for my boys' LO's too. tfs xxx