Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hugs & kisses

This is what we'll be doing in class next week! A bit girly and frilly for a change, haven't done that in a while. We're making everything from scratch, except for the flower cluster. (Everyone is bringing a design to cut out for that.) If you're into fuzzy cutting, here is your chance! Fuzzy cutting is the one thing I don't do (often).

Well, I won't tell you how I made the butterflies, you'll just have to come to class for that. But aren't they gorgeous?

If you are a first timer at my class you can get the first class free this month! Contact me for what to bring.

 And that's my third blog post today, I'm on a roll! Please do leave a comment, they make me happy.


  1. oh Geli.. so fantastic as per usual.. your class peoples are so lucky to have you.. gorgeous work..... happy days.