Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simple and cheap ribbon storage

A few people have asked for a cheap way to store ribbon. I do have a bit of an obsession with ribbon and store them all in one small drawer. It all cost me about $10 to set up. Here is how I do it.
You will need small ziplock bags ($2.00 for 100 from a cheap shop) and large jump rings ($2.00 for 5, also from a cheap shop or a little dearer but colourful from Kaisercraft)
Each ribbon gets its own bag and I spent a couple of TV nights doing all of mine. If you roll it onto 3 fingers, it fits into the bag perfectly. Punch a hole in the top of the bag...

... and thread it on a large jumpring. I organise mine into colours, obviously.

I divided a drawer into 5 long sections by glueing cardstock dividers in and it fits 2- 4 sets of ribbon in each section. And that's it. 

Not only does it fit (most of) my vast ribbon collection, I can also simply pull out the colour I want and grab the right ribbon without anything getting messy. If only I could shut my drawer... Only kidding, I usually go on a ribbon-buying fast when it gets hard to close.

PS: Bree just suggested punching the hole in the bottom of the bag instead so that you can unzip it and take the ribbon out without taking the bag off the ring. Genius! (now you tell me)


  1. Thanks for always sharing your ideas Geli

  2. Love it - hehehe on the punch the other end idea - sometimes it takes someone outside the situation to give the next brilliant idea hey!

  3. What a fab way to store ribbon and WOW, that is some collection. Great idea.

  4. This is a great idea. I store mine in large plastic containers loosely wound (but also in colours). I really hate having to iron the ribbon to get the kinks out.