Sunday, August 19, 2012

Create an album with me pt9

I making a whole 10 page album with one collection and a bunch of embellishments from my2angels and I've almost made it. This is page 9:

Okay, so the photo isn't the greatest, but I didn't store the negatives right and it's my fault the colours have gone funny. Don't tell me you don't have photos like these! Nevertheless, these are my Russian friends and they deserve to be scrapped! 

I wanted to add a fair bit of journalling about our awesome party season at Christmas time, since we used to celebrate Christmas and New Year twice every year (the old Gregorian calendar was 2 weeks behind and each holiday has a "new" and an "old" date. It's really just an excuse to party on...)

To find space for all this writing I cut out 4 of the journalling cards (3x4" each) and a 8x8" photo mat:

Okay, so I changed some of them later, but you get the idea. 

An inked edge helps them stand out from the background.
Next I wanted to use some cute felt ribbon, but the colour was just a bit too pink. What to do?
Peel off the backing to expose the sticky side...

 ...and pour clear glitter over it. A bit of hairspray to help the glitter stick and done. It tones down the pink a bit and adds some sparkle (always great for party layouts). 
Now I glued that on, like this:

I punched a mat with my Martha Steward "around the edge" punch (instructions are on the leaflet that comes with the punch) and glued the mat and photo down, with a blue velvet ribbon over the edge (light blue or green can help neutralise the brown tone of discoloured photos).

The title is framed with a felt star and 2 holly charms (I painted the berries red with Shimmerz)

While puttering around and making a fine mess on my craft table, I saw the new white shabby embossing powder and I was wondering how it would look on a white paper flower. Well, it looks awesome. The embossing powder kind of sinks into the paper and leaves a gorgeous sprinkling of glitter:

I was on a roll, so I tried it on some red felt stars, this time with aged copper. The one on the left was inked with clear ink and embossed on the patterned side. The one on the right was sealed with multi medium on the smooth side first, then inked and embossed. Nice, huh? 

Both of them ended up on a different project, but I wanted to share the idea with you.
A couple of present pins complete the page.

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Cheers, Geli

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