Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Create an album with me - part 10

This is my last page for my Russian album and it's ready to be mailed off. There are lots of photos left, but they will go on a CD in a pocket at the end. 

This last page has a hidden photo, which is a great technique for private photos, or like in my case, really goofy ones. Simply pull on the tag...

  ...and another photo swings out:

This sort of photo happens when you wait around at a tiny deserted train station in the Urals....

First, you will need 2 photos in the same size and direction. Create a mat under the main photo to give your secret photo a place to hide. Mine is 3 1/2 x 9" and the flower strip is 1 1/4 x 12". I just used some of the leftover papers. 

 The 2 photos are attached at the top right corner (main photo) and the bottom right corner (hidden photo). Here is how it will look from the back.
 Put a strip of sticky tape along one side of the main photo, close to the edge and line up the hidden photo so it butts up against it. This will stop it from swinging out too far. 

Punch a hole through both photos for a brad. The brad needs to be fairly loose for maximum swinging action, so put 2 layers of scrap cardstock under the legs when you open them up and then remove the cardstock:

 Add a tag and you're ready to swing!

(I later sprayed the patterned paper with some white mist to tone down the colours a little)

 Now on to the background. This masking technique will work with any stamps you want to layer in different colours. First stamp a few random tags. Stamp 2 more on a post it note and cut them out carefully, just outside the edge. They will be your masks. 

 Stick them over 2 of the tags on the background... 

... and stamp over it with a background stamp in a contrasting colour. There are many wonderful background stamps to be found in the stamps section at my2angels and these distress inks work great for nice crisp images. 

 Peel the masks off and repeat all around the edge of the cardstock. 

Now you can add your photo mat, but be careful not to glue down the main photo on any part where the hidden photo needs to swing out from. In my case it meant leaving most of the left half of the photo and the mat glue-less. 

Now embellish with some leftover stickers, a guitar charm... 

 ... make some flags with leftover papers and some baker's twine... 

...and add a couple of star flowers. These ones have some pearlized mica fragments in the middle. 

Quick and easy. Why not give it a try sometime?

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