Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hi there - it's a mystery technique!

I'll be away for a few weeks and when I come back, we're doing this layout in class:

I'm not going to tell you how we make the rose (brownie points if you figure it out in the meantime!). After all, I need you all to come back to class.

Don't worry, it's easy and you won't believe what we'll use. It's not something that's usually found in your papercraft stash.

 Stamping on a background with clear embossing powder gives a very classy, subtle look. You can use a different colour too, but everyone's rose will have to be pink or red. You'll find out why.

If you would like to come along to my class, we start again on July 16. You can find all the info and timetables in the right column under "Scrapbooking classes".


  1. Love the black embossing in the background. The flower looks amazing, I'm guessing maybe lipstick?

    1. Good guess but no. I do like the lipstick idea, mind you