Friday, July 19, 2013

Castle Eltz - scrap many photos on one double layout!

Hi everone, 
I am back from my trip to Germany and I'll be scrapping lots of travel photos in the weeks to come. 

Surely we all have been guilty of pressing that shutter button a few too many times and ending up with oodles of photos from just one occasion. So, what do you do with so many photos? Scrap them as minis of course. In next week's class we'll do just that. Include as many or as few minis as you want and create a double layout that will capture all your memories without filling an entire album. 

I have a few new dies that help us create some different rosettes:

And if you didn't visit a medieval castle? Guess what- this will suit any occasion. 
             Cheers, Geli

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  1. Wow - what an impressive double page layout! Awesome!!!!