Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in a nutshell

I was going to make a little summary of our year but 12 photos on 1 page can be a bit crowded. After seeing some pages with a pop-up ball in Scrapbooking Memories I knew that's what I wanted.
At first it looks like a normal page:
...bits of embellies here and there... 
...but you can open it here... 
... and there is more! 
It's a little hard to photograph, but inside there is a ball that pops up! 
It looks like this and there is a photo from every month of the year 2010 to remind us of some of the fun times we've had. 
I didn't glue it down so it's easier to have a look at all the photos. And yes, it gets squished flat again when you close the book. 
We'll be making a page like this in class next week (January 11 and 13), so come along if you'd like to learn how!


  1. woot woot woot. just checked out all your latest posts.. and would have to say that i LOVE them all.. and wowzers of an idea with the pop ball photos.. you are just too clever.. yay..woot woot...
    and all those girls plus a couple of newbies will have to get together soon...

  2. WOW!!! That is just fabulous Geli, I love the photo ball, but I love that family pic best, great photo of you all xoxo

  3. WOW absolutely amazing you clever chicky. LOVE it!x

  4. you totally ROCK with your ideas and LO's Geli! WTG, love this page and all those little photos of you and your family xxx

  5. wow geli... this is way cool! LOVE it!... :) x

  6. What a great idea love how you have done it
    and totally agree 12 photos is a bit much on one layout

  7. Wow looks yummo! and who would want pop up balls! Gilly oxo
    P.S. lol!

  8. Love the pop up ball Geli! What a cool idea!! :)

  9. When we meet again you are so teaching me how to do one of those - Love it