Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My ABC's

Wow, as of yesterday I have 3 school children! My little Leah had her first day of grade 1 and it was also Joel's first day as school captain.

I used this layout for the fortnightly challenge on the Boxx. It was to use a photo of your kids in school uniform.
From way, way down in my stash I dug out the paper doll template and dressed it up in our school colours. The skirt is an inked and folded doily.

Did you spot the tiny school boy charm?

In case you're wondering what Leah is holding, it's a German thing. All kids will get those cones on their very first day of school and it's full of sweets and school supplies.

We had a little party for Leah and her best friend. Quite the collection, girls!

Look at this old photo of me and my sisters! (I'm the little one and it was actually my oldest sister, Ulli, who started school that day)

Since I'm reminiscing, here's one of my grandmother in 1917, which I scrapped a couple of years ago:


  1. WOW Geli - that is amazing - Other countries cultures just fascinate me

  2. wowzers.. what photos.. all of them.. through the years..wow.. and an amazing and wonderful custom.. and i'm so glad that you have kept the tradition alive..wootwoot..

  3. I agree with Belinda different cultures are fascinating! Nice to see the tradition still going and holy moly how big are some of those cones!

  4. LOVE IT! love the cones idea too! where did you get the cones from or did you make them? I remember the LO of your grandmother too! Gilly ox