Sunday, February 6, 2011

Time to fly

This time the fortnightly challenge on the Boxx is a colour combination: lime green, red and chocolate brown.

Again I started digging through the baby photos and came across this little gem of baby Joel in 2000. At first I picked the photo because it seemed to match the colour combo, but then all these memories came back that I have never scrapped. Around this time we were getting ready to leave my home town of Dresden, Germany, and head off to Indonesia to stay with my father-in-law. We didn't know then that this would just be a stepping stone and we'd eventually end up in Australia.

The photo has a felt frame cut on the Cuttlebug, there is a strip of  dark brown fabric scrunched up and I had a little play with the stitches on my sewing machine. Every circle has a different type.

So, the whole page ended up a little messy with heaps of odds and ends everywhere because that's exactly what our place looked like at the time. What to take, what to leave? It's exciting to pack up and fly off to the other side of the world.

I found some German stamps that matched the colour scheme perfectly, a boat sticker (most of our stuff went by boat), an airplane (cause we flew, a no-brainer)

Well, and just for fun (and because I can), an ice-cream cone by Clouds and more:

That's all folks!

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