Friday, July 29, 2011

How to make a charm pendant with My2Angels

Make a charm pendant (as seen on the My2Angels Blog)

My son loves turtles and here is a fun thing to make that will suit both boys and girls. First I cut the loop off a turtle charm with some pliers and filed the sharp edges a little. Then I covered a circle pendant with Dimensional Magic and put the charm into the middle. Make sure none of the Dimensional Magic gets on the charm.

Before it is dry cover it in glitter and let it dry completely (putting it in the sunshine speeds it up!). This will take at least half an hour, so be patient! Once it’s dry brush off any glitter from the charm and you’re done.

Have some fun with other charms like a snowflake snowflake for a Christmas card or a daisy for a girl’s necklace. You can even use the cabochon flowers cabochon flowers for a pretty look.

As a variation try a larger acrylic flower in a bottle cap (see the tutorial on how to squish them flat here)

Have fun with charms and follow the links to any of the products I used!

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