Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Biker cards and shaker boxes

 I have created some cool boy cards for the WOW blog using the ultra-versatile cog frame set and a set of biker chipboards:

These two cards have a shaker box under the biker and I'm going to show you how easy they are to make:

First, paint your biker and a cog frame that is roughly the same size:

Next, cut out 2 rings: one from a contrasting cardstock and one from foam or thick card (this will be the spacer). Also cut out a circle from acetate and from patterned paper (not shown) with the same diameter as the outer edge of the rings:

Glue the spacer ring onto the acetate. Sprinkle some micro beads on top. Be careful, they're jumpy little buggers. I do this in a deep bowl.

Glue the paper circle (good side down) on top of the spacer ring. Now turn it over and add the yellow cardstock ring, the cog frame and the biker. As you turn the card the micro beads move, creating ever-changing hills for the biker to climb.

Here is the other one:

You can also make the biker "ride" across the page:

There is a slit on both sides and the ribbon gets looped around the front and back of the card (the left slit is under the happy birthday sign). When you pull on it the biker moves:

 He's first glued on a circle of acetate to strengthen the chipboard a little and then onto the ribbon.

Here is the last card:

To get the crackle effect, first paint the chipboard, then cover in a generous coat of Crackle Accents. Let it dry and then smooch brown ink all over it. Wipe it off with a tissue and there it is:

I figure you can never have to many "manly" cards on hand!

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