Sunday, June 24, 2012

Create an album with me pt 4

Here is my 4th page for Heidi's album. I am including all instructions so you can make one too! I am using the beautiful This & That collection from Echo Park and embellishments from my2angels to make a whole album with lots of photos and hidden journalling. If you have missed the first 3 pages, find the links at the end of this post.

So, this is my latest page, all about the summer festivals we used to visit in Russia. Russians love these festivals and they happen all summer long, all over the place. They will camp out in the forests and there is lots of music everywhere. It is such a wonderful, friendly atmosphere and it's ok to just sit down at anyone's tent and start singing with them. We used to joke that the camp food was full of vitamin D (dirt), cause it's all cooked over the campfire and out in the open. Still, it was yum.
The front photo is one of my favourites taken at a festival. It's awesome how even older people join in and don't you just love the look on the left man's face! Makes you wonder what was going on between those 3...

The photo mat flips out to reveal 5 more photos, like this.
It's very easy to do and you can make yours as long as you want, in case you have a lot more photos to add.

 I cut 2 strips from white cardstock: 4 1/4 x 12" and glued them into  one long strip and scored the strip every 6 1/4".

I inked it all so you can see it better. Fold it like a zig-zag.You can also tell that I had made a couple of mistakes when I folded it all, but no worries, it will be hidden. The last, shorter section will be for gluing and journalling.

Now add your photos on both sides (it holds 6 photos of 4x6") and a little tab to open it. Remember, you can make it longer to hold more photos.

For the background cut 3 flags (3x8" each) with a swallow tail at the bottom. Also cut a mat (4 1/2 x 9 3/4") and ink everything before sticking it down. Distress Stains come in a bottle and make a quick job of inking. The walnut colour is my favourite, it goes with absolutely everything. The white background is inked too, but I couldn't fit it into the photo.

Now add your photo strip by gluing on the smallest section only. 

 Let it sits in the middle when it's closed, like this:

Add an inked flag strip (cut it out from one of the papers of the collection) and glue a tiny doily with a resin flower on each of the 3 big flags. I have a die that cuts these doilies, but you could punch some or use plain circles too.

You can make rolled flowers from a spiral. I borrowed a friend's die, but you can do this with edge scissors. Start with a 4" circle and cut in a spiral so it looks roughly like this:

 Start rolling from the outside. It won't look too hot at this stage, but keep going.

Roll until you get to the circle in the middle. 

 Now put lots of glue on that circle and glue the flower on it. Let it spring open a little.

 I made a little cluster on the left of the photo. There is also a date pin (coloured in, so it would stand out), a guitar and a music charm, held in place with some brads and some mini leaves.

On the other side of the photo you'll find a felt heart and some star flowers with brads. I like the flowers best in white, because then I can colour them as I go with glimmer mist. And yes, there is a tiny lantern charm, too cute!

A round sticker, cut in half, hold down the ends of the flag strip and some letter stickers on the flags are the title.
Now write some stuff on the flap of the photo strip. 


If you have missed the other pages, here are the links: 
Cheers, bloggerinos!

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  1. looking forward to doing this page are so clever and Thanks for sharing it with me :)