Friday, June 29, 2012

Create an album with me - pt 5 Clowns

Welcome to page 5 of my album for Heidi, still using the This & That collectionThe links to the other 4 pages are on the bottom of this post.
There was  a time when I wasn't afraid to walk down the street looking like a clown. Yup, that's me in the middle and we were getting ready for a kindy puppet show.

You can find nearly all materials I used at my2angels, just follow the links. 
Pssst: I scraplifted my long walk layout for this page, with a few changes (why re-invent the wheel?)

First, I cut a black cardstock down to 11x11".
I love the Crafter's Workshop templates, they look awesome with glimmer mist, but this time I used it as a stencil with texture paste. Texture paste looks like cake icing (a bit stinky though) and you can colour it with acrylic paint. Whatever texture you give it, this is how it dries. 
I spread it over the cherry blossom template with a butter knife, like this:

 I did this in 3 areas, but each area will need to dry before you go on, so it doesn't smudge. There were a couple of smudges on mine, but you can carefully scrape them off before it dries. Put it in the sunshine or wave a heat gun over it to speed up the drying time. Be careful, too much heat-gunning will make it bubble.

Then I stamped and embossed a few journalling tags to pull the branches together. If you use a lighter background you could skip the embossing.

 One of the papers has a row of circles on it and because I am lazy, I cut them out with the trusty ol' Cuttlebug.

 Then I matted the black cardstock on a red one to get a nice frame and glued the circles over the bottom seam. I also added a title and sewed all around it.

 If you use foam Thickers, you can sew right through them:

 The collection comes with a cover page, which isn't really scrap paper quality, but has some fun stripes on it. Waste not, want not - I cut 2 strips (2" and 2 1/2" wide) off and cut the strips into 2" bits.

 I rolled them over a bamboo scewer with a bit of double sided tape (but leave the start of the paper unsticky, so it doesn't stick to the bamboo). 

That will give you 10-12 rolls. If you use thicker paper, the rolls will be wider and you won't need as many. 

 I glued them under the photo and added another cut-out photo to the top:

Then I took a 12" piece of velvet ribbon and sewed a running stitch in a zig-zag line along the whole length (skip a little at the beginning and end). 

 Once the thread tight is pulled tight it makes some pretty ruffles and that gets glued on top of the rolls:

 I coloured 2 white star flowers with glimmer mist and glued a cabochon on top (there are different styles available)

 I like these movie-inspired ones.

 All the little flowers got a rhinestone centre (the easiest way to glue them on is with a dot of Glossy Accents).

 Then I added 2 friends charms. One got a twine bow...

 ...and the other one became part of the journalling:

And that's the whole page! I hope you find some inspiration here.

I'll be back next week with the next page. If you have missed the other pages, here are the links: 

Cheers, bloggerinos!

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