Monday, July 9, 2012

My sister's daughter

I thought I knew all about embossing powders, but then I discovered this! Shabby embossing powders by Stampendous... they are devine and you can find them here at my2angels
It's all Renee's fault for letting me play with hers cause suddenly I needed some too. 

photo by Ulrike Schmitt-Hartmann

Basically you can achieve in one step what usually takes about 4. The photos don't do it justice!
The colour I used on the swirl is shabby green. As you can see, it's very soft and pastel with some green glitter. 

Normally I would have:

1. Inked the chipboard and embossed 1 coat, heated that
2. Added another coat, heated that
3. Then sprinkled some glitter over it, heated that 
4. And then throw in some larger chunks of gold Utee and heated that again.
Add some frustrated sounds as the glitter goes viral and covers all the wrong areas, including my hair and all my clothes...

Instead all I did was:

1. Ink the chipboard and emboss a thick coat that is sprinkled with glitter and some metallic flecks. Heat and done. Too easy!

On the title I used shabby pink

Again, it's very soft and pretty, just perfect for the dreamy photo of my niece. She has featured in a few layouts lately, mainly because she's gorgeous. I used Prima Songbird Zephyr and chipboard pieces

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