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Create an album with me pt 7 - How to make a waterfall album

Today I'd like to show you how to make a waterfall album, just like I did on the Tahune Airwalk page. Don't be scared off by the many steps, just follow each one and you'll see it's actually quite simple. 

When you pull on the tab, an album falls open, like a waterfall:

I will put some journalling on the parts without photos.
Here is the story behind these photos: 
Magnitogorsk in the Southern Ural mountains is probably the ugliest city I have ever visited. There is steel industry and pollution everywhere (google image it and you'll see). We did have a great time there, but no thanks to the sights. Russians are simply lovely people to meet, no matter where you are. 
Bigger is not always best, but in Russia you realise that no statue can ever be too big:
(photo courtesy to this site)
This one was so massive that we could barely reach halfway up its knee. Yes, those tiny dwarves on his shoe - that's us. We were told that this statue marks the border between Europe and Asia. 

Anyway, on to the layout!
You can find everything I used at my2angels.
First, I attached a full sheet of paper to a leftover piece of flower paper (remember, I used some of it on the Babushki page already). The easiest way to do this is to use the barcode strip to glue the 2 pieces together and then trim it down to a 12" piece. I ended up with 7" of flower paper and 5" of red paper.

I used my Sew Easy tool to make the stitched scallops along the seam (a tutorial on this awesome tool coming soon!)

 There is one scallop coming from the left and 3 from the right. (Don't worry about the in-between part where they don't meet up, that will be hidden.) Add a photo and a frame, around 4x5" big.

Next I cut a sheet of cardstock into:
one 3x12" strip
six 3x4" pieces (they'll be the photo mats)
 and a 1x5" piece. 
This needs to be cut from proper scrapping cardstock, cause the cheap stuff is too flimsy.

Score the 3x12" piece at 7" from the right and then at every half inch till you have 6 scored lines:

Now fold those scored lines like this:

Put some sticky tape or glue on the 2 1/2 x 3" rectangle at the end and glue your first 3x4" photo mat on this. It'll overlap the end a bit, don't worry.

Next, put some sticky tape on the 1/2" area between the next 2 scored lines and attach the top of the 2nd photo mat on this:

Continue this way until all 6 mats are glued on. They should look like this from the side:

Now add some punched borders and the photos (mine are a tiny bit smaller than 3x4"). The album folds with the photos on top and the long cardstock strip (let's call it the "tail") on the bottom, like this:

Pretty up the last 1x5" strip of cardstock with a sticker border. Place the album on top of the frame and push the "tail" under the strip. Put some glue under the 2 sections marked with a cross and glue the strip down. Mine sits right on the seam between the 2 background papers. Re-enforce it with a brad on each side. Be careful not to put glue anywhere else, the album's "tail" needs to be able to move under it. 

Now put glue on top of the strip where it is marked with a cross in the middle, nowhere else:

Close the album halfway, place it so it sits right in the middle of the green frame and and push it down on the strip. The strip will end up being glued right under the bottom photo mat. 

Give that a moment to dry and make a tab while you wait. When you pull on it the album should work just fine now.

I thought my stitching should stand out a bit more, so I took some silver glitter ribbon, cut it in half and added some sticky tape to the back. Then I glued that in the space between the stitching lines. This ribbon is nice and soft and easy to bend into shape to follow the curves. Then I glued on some red rhinestone chain to hide the seam of my background papers.

And on top of each loop went a daisy charm. To make the red centre put a bit of Glossy Accents in the centre and cover it in microbeads. They are super cute as flower centres, but be careful, they are very jumpy! Let it all dry before sticking the charms down with a brad

All you need now is a title and you are ready to wow your friends with your awesomely clever waterfall album!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Geli, a fantastic idea, great for travel photo's . Might have to give this a go

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