Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Airwalk - a waterfall album

The Tahune Airwalk in Tasmania was one of the highlights of our Tassie trip. My camera didn't do it justice, so what should I do with all these photos that are... well, so-so at best?
A waterfall album is always great for that kind of photos and we'll make this in class next week:

 It works like this. Pull here... 

 ...and the photos start popping up.

 You get the idea. It does look a little like a waterfall, great fun to play with.
 I used 6 half-sized photos, but you could squeeze 11 on. Surely you could round up that many?

By the way, we'll make this green leaf design too (in any colour you want)

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  1. Looks awesome Geli! You'll have to show me how to make one xoxo