Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fab titles with sugar beads

In an effort not to end up on the "Hoarders" TV show I've been trying to use up bits and pieces from my stash. Here I made a background from 2 papers and a barcode strip, added some stickers, an old rosette and some arrows. So far so good.


Stashbuster pages are great but they sometimes end up looking a bit slapped together. Which they are!
Especially my title chipboard looked to be from the last century (it is). I glammed it up with some mint crush sugar beads from my2angels.
(The letters were already printed in different shades and patterns of green.)

First I covered the bottom of the letters with Glossy Accents and covered them with sugar beads. The bigger beads tend to come out first and I made sure there were plenty of them. I let that dry and then repeated it with the smaller microbeads that come out last. I let the original colour show through on the top of the letters, giving it all a multi-coloured effect.
2 more coats of Glossy Accents kept everything in place.


The waves below the title are quick to stitch with the Sew Easy tool and the scallop head.
All my2angels Haberdashery products can be found here in the Haberdashery Section
Did you spot the little ship's steering wheel charm? You can sew them on with an embroidery stitch!

So, if you have some unloved stuff on the bottom of your stash, glam it up with some fabulous sugar beads!



  1. Love the title chippys! Looks amazing all glammed up like that :-) :-). Oh, I have heaps of unloved stuff here ... must have a clean up soon ;-)

  2. Go on HOARDERS - he he
    I love that show and you would bring so much life and colour to it

    Love your LO and use of scraps