Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 How cool is it to stop by the side of the road and eat blackberries to your heart's content! We're making this funky little page in my home class next week.

There are groovy little felt circles...

...some stamping and Sew Ribbon stitching...

...and sparkly letters... 


... similar to the ones I did for the last post: 

This one has the new sugar beads from my2angels. If you like those on your letters, follow this link to see all the colours available. 

We can cut chipboard letters on my Cricut if you don't have any, they will look like this:

 ♥♥ Geli ♥♥


  1. yummy - and yeah we used to stop on the side of the road & eat blackberries in NZ when we were kids too x

  2. Such a fun photo and an awesome LO..x